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invest in land and reap

Find out how.

Land Banking-

the key to financial security for:

Huge corporations, multi-millionaires,
builders, developers...and you.

Land Banking is

buying land before it's needed for development, based on growth projections. Then holding it for about 7-10 years and selling it for more than you bought it for. Way more.

Major companies and investors have been building wealth this way for decades. You can too, with $40,000 or more in cash or existing investments.
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TOP 10

to add California land to
your investment portfolio.


high demand.

Basic supply and demand make the California real estate market the most aggressive in the nation. Of all the land in California, 82% is protected "wild land" and will never be developed, and 10% is already developed. That leaves only 8% available for farming or development. Ever.



On average, people are realizing
double-digit annual returns.

We've studied over 9,000 property sales over the last 17 years and trends continue to predict consistent growth.


It's diversification
that holds its value.

The stock market has its share of ups and downs, and we all know the dangers that can ensue when you don't diversify. When you add land to your portfolio, you're adding a tangible asset that will always have value-it's real property protected by a deed, historically proven to be a stable and sustainable investment.


Buy land low
and sell high.

The key to growing wealth, investment property is bought low and later sold for exponentially more. When you choose investments that adhere to this basic principal, peace of mind follows.


Economic projections
predict more growth.

California maintains it's title as the world's 8th largest economy. Southern California alone has moved up to rank 16th in the world's largest economy! The state of California continues projected growth in both population and economy. More growth means higher demand.


are doing something right.

They've been land banking forever, but most individuals can only imagine purchasing land in such volume like Ted Turner and Donald Trump. Like them, we locate properties in the path of growth, and make them available to you-and just like that, you're in the game, doing what they do!


Less worry about
economic volatility.

Most of our land parcels are held for 7-10 years before being sold for profit. Knowing you need to wait for the growth actually means less worrying about the current market. That means less time wondering, "Should I sell now?"


Land creates
generational wealth.

Do you worry about how your estate will be distributed, or that your loved ones will go through their inheritance too quickly? Land is a sustainable legacy plan. It isn't liquid, making it harder for beneficiaries to spend too quickly (and more likely it will grow in value).


We know where
growth will happen.

Extensive studies are conducted to predict what areas will boom next (just ask the big box retailers). For example, early growth indicators include construction of new schools, fire stations and churches. Land on the fringe of these areas is often next to develop.


Land can be bought
without a loan.

You can actually buy land with an existing IRA or 401K, without additional funds needed, and with no tax consequences. (And we'll handle the whole process for you.) Of course, you can buy with cash too.
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Our land growth speaks for itself

Example of development in the Antelope Valley within a six year period.

"Buy Land... they're not making it anymore."

-Mark Twain

So, why CalChoice?
We do one thing
and we do it well

We buy land based on
10 Key Indicators
for Growth

  • usable land

  • water supply

  • accessible

  • utilities for growth

  • education facilities

  • proximity to major metropolis

  • prime growth industries

  • comm. & residential dev.

  • projected population growth

  • regional master plan

We've done the
research for you.

Based on our intensive forecasting, we already know where the growth path is headed. We diligently study demographic patterns, transportation funding, geographic limitations, and civic leadership to assess where and when land will be needed by competitive developers. That's the land we buy for you.

How can we offer pricing
below current market values?

We specialize in buying the right parcels in the right location. We work with our brokers who have the patience to negotiate for years for a single select property to serve your future interest.

We make buying
land a piece of cake.

Because we have all the systems in place for a turn-key purchase, we'll make your land purchase easy to understand and execute.

We keep you
informed while your
property matures.

During the hold period, we update you on development in the area through quarterly updates, seminars, property profile updates, comparable updates for market data and online tax support for your property.

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We understand your
portfolio as a whole.

Founded by a former financial advisor seeking diversification of his own portfolio, we understand the financial markets. We can talk holistically about your portfolio-not just our place in it.

We'll keep you market-savvy.

Understanding the market trends will help you know when to sell. Our reporting on development and market value will keep you informed during the holding period. (Though in fact, many of our property owners receive unsolicited purchase offers!)
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FOR YOU if you are:

  • Looking for a long-term, stable investment
  • Recovering from a stock market loss
  • Wanting an investment you can understand
  • Needing peace of mind about retirement
  • Tired of worrying about economic volatility
  • Worried about how your estate will be distributed
  • Without a sustainable legacy plan
  • Holding 40K or more in a qualified account, portfolio account, or cash

assets you can use
to purchase land.

  • Cash

  • Retirement Accounts:

  • Traditional IRA or Self-directed IRAs
  • Roth IRA
  • 401(k)
  • 403(b)
  • Defined benefits accounts
  • Other Funding Sources:

  • Trusts
  • HSA
  • ESA
  • 529 Plan
  • 1031 Exchange

Find the right
property for me.

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