Frequently Asked Questions

Our most Frequently Asked Questions are below. And if you have one that’s not on this list, just contact us and we’ll get you an answer.


Isn't it risky...buying land in the
middle of nowhere?

It is-and that's NOT what we do. Unlike other companies, we sell ONLY pre-developed land, in the path of growth, on the outskirts of the Los Angeles area. Our team researches and negotiates properties for years before purchasing-so we know our below market pricing has built in value for our customers and will sell for more, based on historical data and market trends.


What's your track record?

The land we sell is in the path of development in Antelope Valley, outside of Los Angeles. We KNOW it will resell for more due to high demand. From day 1, you're in a 30-40% equity position, and the average sold properties see an annual double-digit return over a 7-10 year hold period.


Why do I need to add your
land to my portfolio?

Investing in land is easy to understand, yet so many people tell us they "have always wanted to do this but didn't know how." We make it easy to add this wealth-generator to your portfolio. Plus, land is a tangible, low-risk asset that will always have value, and it provides diversification to your portfolio (which is always important due to inevitable market volatility).


How long will this process take?

After a 30-minute webinar where we ask questions and get to know you better, we’ll recommend the most appropriate parcel for your budget and investment goals. From there, the closing process takes an average of 10 days, and we’ll handle all the details and paperwork.


What happens after the sale?

We stay in touch throughout the holding period of the parcel, providing updates on development in the area through:

  • Quarterly e-Newsletters and regular blog posts
  • Seminars
  • Property profile updates
  • Comparable market data updates
  • Plus, we offer online tax support
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