Indicators for Growth

How we know what land to buy

Proven to make land valuable, these 10 factors are predictors

of an increase in value to come.

1Land is Level and Usable

The Greater Antelope Valley has over 3,000 square miles of land that's flat and usable.

2Water Supply is Abundant

  • Groundwater Basin stores water for region
  • Littlerock Reservoir is primary source of surface water
  • State Water Project imports additional water when needed

3It's Easily Accessible

Antelope Valley is easy to get to via:

  • Metrolink Rail Service (with 3 AV stations)
  • Numerous bus routes
  • Multiple private and commercial airports

4Facilities for Massive Growth

Dependable and progressive energy is provided through:

  • The Southern California Edison Company and eSolar
  • Together they are developing one of the US's largest solar plants (1,100 acres)
  • This 245-megawatt solar plant will power over 50,000 homes

5Ample Education Facilities

Robust from pre-school to college, the Antelope Valley school system supports:

  • 74 elementary and middle schools
    (managed by 8 districts)
  • 20 high schools
  • 15,500 college students (at the University of Antelope Valley alone)

6Close to Major Metropolis

Los Angeles is just 45 minutes away and is:

  • The most populous city in California
  • In the County of Los Angeles, California's most populous county (where Antelope Valley's Lancaster and Palmdale are located)

7Prime Industries are in place & Expanding

The AV's most important industries and
companies for growth include:

  • Aerospace (the area's #1 industry)
  • Edward's Air Force Base (largest employer)
  • Other prominent industries are renewable energy, healthcare and more

8Huge Commercial/Residential Development

The Antelope Valley boasts extensive existing and planned commercial and residential developments, with countless:

  • Office Parks
  • Shopping Centers
  • and Communities

9Studies Project Healthy Population Growth

The only county in L.A. Area projected for triple-digit:

  • Population Growth
  • New Home Construction

From the US Census and Greater Antelope Valley Economic Alliance

10There's a "Master Plan"

A "Master Plan" for community and municipal infrastructure means there are established plans for:

  • Land usage and transportation routes
  • Population distribution
  • Quality air and water
  • Noise impact
  • Safety issues and more

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